Assessor's Office

*Important Notice Regarding COVID-19

The Assessor’s Office is currently closed to the public. Please call 320-269-7696 with any questions. Email is also an option by using the link Contact Bonnie on the right side of this page. Most questions and concerns may be addressed in this manner.

Homestead applications are available by calling the office or on the page listed to the left labeled "Forms." Click on the Homestead form and fill out online. Make sure to enter all applicable fields. You may email or mail the form to our office. 

See ’Contact Bonnie’ and mailing address to right.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding during these times when the situation is rapidly changing. Please check local news sources and the main County webpage for any virus-related modifications.

The Assessor's Office directs, plans and supervises the appraisal and recording of all property assessments in Chippewa County as prescribed by Minnesota Statutes and the directives of the Commissioners of Revenue in order to provide an equitable and efficient system of property appraisal for tax purposes.

The law specifically requires that every fifth year; an appraiser will view the property and record property characteristics that would affect the market value, such as age, size, etc. In addition, properties are to be viewed whenever improvements have been made to the parcel.

Properties are compared with actual sales that have occurred in the market place to determine values. The market value placed on a property by our office should be 90 to 105% of what your property should sell for if placed on the open market.