Homestead Classification

Applying for Homestead

Minnesota Statute 273.124 provides for a reduction to the market value used to determine taxes for certain property that is occupied by the owner or qualifying relative of the owner. The property must be the primary place of residence. 

Have you purchased or moved into a property in the past year? 

Contact your county assessor to file a homestead application if you or a qualifying relative occupy the property as a homestead on or before December 31. 

What is a qualifying relative? 

For regular agricultural and residential property, a qualifying relative includes the child, grandchild, sibling, parent, aunt, uncle, nephew or niece of the owner or owner’s spouse.  

When do I apply? 

You must apply on or before December 31. 

Once homestead is granted, annual applications are not necessary unless they are requested by the county assessor. 

Contact the assessor by December 31 if the use of the property you own or occupy as a qualifying relative has changed during the past year. 

If you sell, move, or for any reason no longer qualify for the homestead classification, you are required to notify the county assessor within 30 days of the change in homestead status. Fill out the Change of Primary Residence Form (located under Forms) and return to the county assessor’s office.

Options to return any applications or correspondence include: 

  • drop box at main entrance - envelope addressed to assessor
  • email - use direct email link listed in Contact Us section on the main Assessor page
  • USPS - 629 N 11th STREET, STE 3  MONTEVIDEO  MN  56265-1652

Blind/Disabled Classification

Homesteaded property that qualifies for Class 1b Property results in a reduction of property taxes, according to Minnesota Statute 273.13.

How do I qualify?

  • Certified legally blind
  • Totally and permanently disabled

Requirements Include:

Certain documents must be provided as listed below:

  • Blind - Send a completed and signed application and provide a letter or report from an eye doctor stating that you are certified legally blind to the Chippewa County Assessor’s Office. 
  • Disabled – Send a completed and signed application and a letter from a qualifying agency stating that you are totally and permanently disabled and are eligible to receive disability payments to the Chippewa County Assessor’s Office.

A link to the Blind/Disabled application may be found at left on the Forms page, or contact the County Assessor’s office for more information.

Special Ag Homestead Classification

MN law allows some agricultural land to be classified as homestead, if certain requirements are met, even if the property owner does not reside on the land.

Landowners with existing Special Ag:   Applications/info are mailed out in late July each year to landowners who have had this classification for the previous assessment year. MN Statute requires an annual re-application along with any other documents required by the County Assessor. 

Please contact the County Assessor's Office for more information regarding this classification.

Veteran's Disability Exclusion

If you are a disabled veteran who has a service-connected disability rating of 70% or more, you may be entitled to a property tax exclusion on your homesteaded property.

Please contact the County Assessor's office or your County Veteran's Service Officer for more information.