Financial Administration

The Auditor/Treasurer is responsible for preparing and submitting to the County Board for approval of the budget for the next year. Once the budget is approved by the County Board the Auditor/Treasurer then begins the process of calculating the real estate, personal property, and mobile home taxes the will be collected to provide the funding for the approved budget.

The Auditor/Treasurer also operates and maintains an accounting system that provides a detailed accounting for the General Revenue and Ditch Funds of the County:

  • Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Annual Financial Statement
  • Disbursements
  • Ditch System
  • Receipts

Additional Responsibilities

The Auditor/Treasurer also maintains a summary accounting of the Road & Bridge and Welfare Funds. The detailed accounting of these funds is carried out by the individual departments. Each month the Auditor/Treasurer prepares a trial balance to provide the historic checks and balances. The Auditor/Treasurer must also reconcile all checking accounts monthly as part of month end processing. 

The Auditor/Treasurer works closely with the State Auditor's Office in the preparation of the annual audit and financial statement. The Auditor/Treasurer periodically submits to the County Board the financial status of the County, future financial needs, and projections as needed.

In addition to the accounting process is the cash management and investment function. Surplus funds are to be invested pursuant to Minnesota Statutes. Minnesota Statutes provide a restricted list of approved investments. Safety of the principle is critical in any public fund investment. Income derived from these types of investments is used to reduce the tax levy each year.