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Chippewa County Online Real Estate Records Disclaimer

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Records Availability

In Chippewa County, the document images are available beginning in January 1865. In addition, the images contain indexing which includes grantor/grantee, book and page, and the document number. Beginning in 1993 the indexing also includes legal description and parcel identification numbers.

Availability of Record Information Based on Recording Date

Type of Record Availability
Data Entry Verification Within 10 business days of recording document
Image Available Within 10 business days of recording document
Limited Grantor/Grantee (or Party) Index Within 10 business days of recording document

Accessing the Records

The Chippewa County Real Estate Records can be accessed online using iDoc Market. They offer both short-term Day Passes and longer term subscriptions, depending on your needs. You can then perform unlimited searches for the duration of your subscription. They keep track of your prints and charge your credit card accordingly.

Tract Indexes Available Online

Our tract indexes are now available online free of charge. Full images from the late 1800's to 2018 are currently scanned in and can be found at the following website:

The Tract indexes are there to aid abstractors, law offices, banks and anyone looking for a specific document. Once the document number is found, the researcher may move to iDoc Market and retrieve the full image of the document.