The Chippewa County Victim/Witness Program provides assistance to crime victims during all stages of the criminal justice system. Crime victims have rights to protection from harm, to participate in the prosecution process, to request restitution, to seek help, and more.  Email the Victim & Witness Advocacy office if you need help at Victim.Advocacy@Chippewa.MN.

Direct Services

These services are confidential and free of charge to crime victims and witnesses:

  • Assistance obtaining Orders for Protection/Restraining Orders, if the victim/witness requests.
  • Companion for court appearances in significant cases, and also for emotional support.
  • Compensation - Assistance in obtaining witness fees and information as to eligibility and reimbursement for financial losses incurred by the victim.
  • Information about the status of the court case via letter and phone calls.
  • Information/Explanation about the criminal justice proceedings.
  • Notice of court proceedings, including changes, hearing dates and any schedule changes, including information as to case status.
  • Notification of victims rights per Chapter 611A of the Minnesota Statutes.
  • Orientation to the courtroom setting. Witnesses may view a courtroom prior to a trial.
  • Private waiting area prior to court appearance.
  • Property recovery of stolen items that are being held as evidence.
  • Referrals to social services, counselors, and others who can assist with personal problems.
  • Support with problems that may be happening as a result of the crime itself or of court appearances.
  • Transportation assistance for pre-trial or court hearings, if necessary.

Community Services

The Chippewa County Victim/Witness Program provides presentations to community agencies and professionals. In addition, the program also offers community education in schools, churches, and civic organizations.

Financial Services

Victims may be eligible for financial assistance from the state if they have suffered economic loss as a result of violent crime.