What is a CVSO?

Minnesota statutes require every county to hire a County Veteran Service Officer. That CVSO must be a Veteran to best ensure that all Veterans, their families and survivors receive all of the benefits and services they so well deserve for the hardships they have endured. We work with federal, state, and local agencies to provide those services.

What is a Veteran?
​If you or a family member served in our country's armed forces at any time, you should come to our office. For most programs, 181 consecutive days of active duty, other than training, is required. There are no automatic benefits. We will help you with the current application forms and answer your questions.

How do I start?
​The form DD214 is the most important document. Your discharge paper is like a receipt for your service. Federal, state, and local programs need that proof of service to provide benefits. Do you know where yours is? We can help. MN Department of Veteran Affairs has a program called DADS that searches most ​County Recorder's Offices and the state records for your discharge. If they don't have it, we will help you check ​National Archives and Records Administration . We can even help with corrections to your discharge.

What else do I need?
​We will need to know a few more things about you to begin.