Property Tax Calculation

Tax Calculation Information

  • Tax Capacity - Determined by multiplying the market value of each property by the statutory class rates for the specific use(s) on the property. Minnesota has many class rates and only the State Legislature has the authority to change those rates. Contact the County Assessor’s office for a list of the current class rates, or see Minnesota Statute 273.13 section on Classification of Property.
  • Current year taxable market value, along with the class rate and the budgets of your local entities, will determine the taxes that are due in the following year. 
  • Property taxes are based on the previous year’s property value and classification(s).

Tax Capacity Rate

The rate needed from each property to collect the number of dollars needed to operate the county, schools, city and township governments for that year. A listing of the tax capacity rates is available from either the County Auditor/Treasurer’s office, the County Assessor’s office or the DOR website.

Property Tax Refund

This program is available if certain requirements set forth by the Minnesota Department of Revenue are met.

Additional information is available on the DOR website at: