Current Highway Projects

2023 Construction Map_2023 map

Project Map (PDF)

Project List

#1 – Paving of CSAH 15 and CSAH 30


                  Location:   On CSAH 15 from the west county line (Minnesota River) for 2.75 miles east to approximately Minnesota River Drive SW & On CSAH 30 from the north county line for approximately 2.75 miles south

              Description:   Bituminous Paving 

               Contractor:   Duininck Inc.

   Approximate Start:   May 30, 2023

 Approximate Finish:   August 2023

    Project Update(s):   Construction anticipated to begin after the Memorial Day Holiday with paving estimated to begin in July



#2 – Mill and Overlay of CSAH 15 and CSAH 41


                  Location:   On CSAH 15 from approximately 1 mile west of MN 7/59 to 1st Street & on CSAH 41 from MN 7 to MN 29 

              Description:   Mill and Overlay

               Contractor:   Duininck Inc.

   Approximate Start:   May 30, 2023

 Approximate Finish:   August 2023

    Project Update(s):   Construction anticipated to begin in June with paving estimated to begin in July



#3 – Replace Bridges


                  Location:   On 50th Ave SE between CSAH 5 and CSAH 4 1 mile west of Gluek & on 90th Street SE between TH 23 and CSAH 4, 1 mile south of Maynard

              Description:   Replacement of timber bridge and concrete pipe with new concrete box culverts

               Contractor:   John Riley Construction, Inc.

   Approximate Start:   Fall 2023

 Approximate Finish:   Summer 2024

    Project Update(s):   Project under contract. Waiting for box culverts to be build by manufacture. 

#4 – Replace Bridge

                   Location:   1.3 miles east of CSAH 3 on 70th Street SE over Hawk Creek Floodway 3 miles Southwest of Clara City, MN

              Description:   Replace timber bridge with new concrete bridge

               Contractor:   Structural Specialties, Inc. 

   Approximate Start:   May 15, 2023

 Approximate Finish:   August 2023

    Project Update(s):   Construction began on May 15th



#5 – Seal Coating


                  Location:   Wegdahl Bike Trail, CSAH 5/38 (Granite Falls)

              Description:   Application of seal coat material

               Contractor:   Gee Asphalt Systems, Inc. from Cedar Rapids, IA

   Approximate Start:   June 2023

 Approximate Finish:   July 2023

    Project Update(s):   Carry over project from 2022. Contractor will be back in 2023 to finish work on CSAH 5/38 and on the Wegdahl Bike Trail



#6 – Aggregate Surfacing


                  Location:   County Roads 11, 12, 33, 34, 35

              Description:   Crushing, Hauling and Placing Class 5 Gravel Aggregate

               Contractor:   R & G Construction Co. 

   Approximate Start:   TBD

 Approximate Finish:   October 2023

    Project Update(s):   Project under contract. 



#7 – Re-Construction of CSAH 4 (old MN 277)


                  Location:   On CSAH 4 from CSAH 13 to MN 40

              Description:   Grading, drainage, and aggregate base

               Contractor:   TBD

   Approximate Start:   2024

 Approximate Finish:   2024

    Project Update(s):   Project in final design and utility coordination phase.



#8 – Pavement Marking


                  Location:   County Wide

              Description:   Marking of centerline and edge lines on county roads

               Contractor:   Traffic Solutions Incorporated

   Approximate Start:   May 2023

 Approximate Finish:   September 2023

    Project Update(s):   Contractor will begin marking roads in May 2023 and will then return later in the summer to mark the remaining roads after seal coating operations. 



#9 – Seal Coating


                  Location:   County Roads 1, 2, & 13

              Description:   Seal Coating 

               Contractor:   County Forces

   Approximate Start:   June/July 2023

 Approximate Finish:   August 2023

    Project Update(s):