Health Insurance

Health Insurance

There are many programs under the Health Care umbrella. MNsure is a one-stop health insurance marketplace where Minnesotans can compare and choose coverage from multiple insurance companies and see if they qualify for a low-cost or free plan. MNsure is one of the ways to apply for Medical Assistance and other types of health care coverage.

How to Contact MNsure

o    For information or to apply for MNsure, please visit the MNsure website.

o    Call the MNsure Contact Center toll-free at 855-3-MNsure or 855-366-7873.

Paper Applications

If everyone in the household who wants to apply for health care coverage meets at least one of these criteria, you will want to complete a Health Care Application for Certain Populations (PDF):

o    Is 65 or older

o    Is blind or has a disability 

o    Is only requesting help with Medicare costs

o    Is 21 years or older, has no dependents, and has Medicare coverage

o    Receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

o    Is applying for Medical Assistance for Employed Person with Disabilities (MA-EPD)

If you meet any of the following criteria, complete an Application for Payment of Long-Term Care Services (PDF):

o    If you live in or may need to move into a nursing home

o    If you are a person with a disability or age 65 or older and would like services to help you stay in your home.

Already Enrolled

When it is time for you to renew your coverage, you will receive a letter with instructions about what you need to do. Be sure your county office has your current address so that you get all of the information we will be sending. Also, continue to report any other changes within 10 days as you would usually do.

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