How do I get a Permit to Carry?

To obtain a permit to carry you must apply in person at the Sheriff's Office Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. You must be 21 years of age, a resident of Chippewa County and have a Minnesota Drivers License confirming your Chippewa County address. We have up to thirty working days to process your Permit to Carry application from the time we receive it. The criminal history of each applicant is checked. A record of conviction for certain crimes will be cause for denial of a permit.


In order to receive a permit to carry you must:

  • Have an occupation or personal safety hazard requiring a permit to carry.
  • Not be a person prohibited from possessing a handgun or semi-automatic military-style assault weapon.
  • Provide a firearms safety certificate recognized by the Department of Natural Resources, evidence of successful completion of a test of ability to use a firearm supervised by the police chief or sheriff, or other proof of the ability to use a handgun safely.
  • Take the Permit to Carry handgun certification course.

Helpful tips:

  • Please make sure all applications are signed and dated.
  • We accept cash, check or money order for your application fee.
  • A current copy of your I.D. is needed as well as a copy of the Certificate of your Permit to Carry course.

Renewal information for Permit to Carry:

  • A completed course must be valid within one year of application.
  • You may apply for your renewal up to 90 days of the expiration date. Cost of renewal application prior to it expiring is $75.00.
  • If application is received after 30 days of expiration date, cost for the renewal is $85.00.
  • If application for renewal is received after the 30 day mark, it is then treated as a new application and cost is $100.

Application for Permit To Carry:

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